April 9

Top DevOps tools you need to try in 2019

Given our love for all things DevOps, one of our favourite pastimes is the dissection of top DevOps tools.

As discussed frequently on our blog, DevOps refers to the time-saving combination of software development and IT operations. With the power of this kind of automation, many companies (and our clients!) improve their workflow by as much as 17x, in addition to cutting down on expenditure.

Continue reading today’s post for a look at top DevOps tools for seamless software development!


Many software developers, nowadays, prefer cloud computing. Here, application development is done over a public network, through data centres available to multiples users on the internet. It also refers to the availability of computer system resources, like data storage and computing power, over the internet.

In this process, being able to deploy cloud applications with ease and without any complications is of the utmost importance. Kamatera is frequently listed among top DevOps tools, especially for software developers looking for easier cloud application deployment.

With this platform, you’re able to deploy applications across multiple locations, worldwide. This makes working remotely easier, especially given that you’re provided with a wide range of applications to execute. Some of these include leading software such as Jenkins, Drupal, RocketChat, and Redmine.


When it comes to software development, application security is understatedly important.

In this arena, Kiuwan is often the one to beat. Specialising in an end-to-end software security platform – compliant with all major security standards – this tool provides you with a range of insights on security, productivity, cost, and efficiency of the applications you’re developing.

Kiuwan also supports multiple application technologies, spanning over 20 programming languages, and is highly useful when companies industrialise the life cycle of software development. The tool secures your applications from cyber threats, eliminating one of the biggest nightmares for software developers!

Gradle Build Tool

Gradle Build Tool is another one of 2019’s top DevOps tools.

Allowing developers to write code in a number of programming languages, including classics like Java, Python, and C++, this tool is a heavyweight in terms of DevOps relating to software building.

Chosen by Google as the official build tool for Android Studio, Gradle Build Tool has proven to be 100X faster compared to other top DevOps tools like Maven. While it isn’t 100% intuitive just yet, it’s still a fierce competitor among the sea of DevOps automation software.

Among the many features users are most fond of, the tool’s incremental build option, task output caching, and incremental subtasks are spoken about often. These allow developers to make changes to their applications easily and execute tasks from multiple workstations.


Apart from DevOps consultation – where we dive into your operations and identify automation opportunities – here at Blackchair, we also specialise in tools that cut down the time spent on the software development lifecycle.

Platform translation, in fact, is one of our most important areas of service. We deliver real optimisation to any configuration translation, transfer, or synchronisation required for a roll-out, merge, upgrade, and even for routine business operations.

Through the use of our Symphony platform and multi-vendor connectors, we help companies develop a change management model for translation, transfer, or synchronization across various cloud, premise, and hybrid platforms.


An open source CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) server, Jenkins allows software developers and IT professionals to automate certain stages in the delivery pipeline.

The platform also boasts considerable plugin configurations, offering more than 1000 plugin options. This makes it easier for teams to integrate it with numerous DevOps tools, leveraging a wide range of software building functionality and improving efficiency exponentially.

Jenkins also allows you to customise your CI/CD pipeline – which bridges the gap between development and IT operations teams through software development automation – according to your own needs.

Top DevOps tools…which is the best for you?

As you may be able to tell, DevOps is a force taking over the software development industry. As we slowly pivot towards automation to make life, work, and everything in-between much easier, DevOps tools have the potential to revolutionise every aspect of service delivery.

Before you decide on the platform(s) that work best for your business, stop and think about everything you need. By doing so, it becomes easier for you to identify the solutions that meet your needs and analyse their offerings more strategically.

If you’re struggling to decide what parts of your operations would benefit from the power and potential of DevOps, consult Blackchair specialists today for automation guidance and support!

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