Founded in 2005 by Jason Owen and Nick Timmins, Blackchair was initially established as a professional services organization for delivering contact center and telecommunications solutions. However, frustrated with seeing the continued business impact of poor quality project and operational change in UC and CX solutions, they began the development of a platform to police change.

For the last 14 years our teams have been continually advancing the subject of change management into lean, on time, day one and two delivery automation capabilities. We have considered and tested many approaches and tooling solutions, as we practice what we preach i.e. Research, Experiment and Adapt. The last 8 years has seen us focus on constraints in and around the UC and CX solutions, to achieve optimization and automation of critical path resource management. Our solutions help vendors, partners and enterprises tune into and amplify feedback from the change data and automation practices. Our goal is to drive greater confidence in experimentation and adaptation. Change must be lean, often and error free so that businesses can adapt rapidly to demand.

The Recognized Leader in CX/UC DevOps Automation since 2005

Our investments have produced a powerful and flexible platform sold globally to some of the largest enterprises and household names. We enable customers to confidently accelerate innovation and increase quality at lower cost, independent of vendor choice. Our cover is broad, across Cloud, Premise and Hybrid solutions.

Dev Ops and Cloud Migration will make the next 5 years exciting times to be engaged with Blackchair.

Audit continuously monitoring all change, SLA dependent applications, devices and services.

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Automation that dramatically accelerates delivery of innovation

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Asset Management – Make your money count

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Synchronize, Translate & Transfer configuration across vendors, solutions, premise & cloud

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Our highly specialized and experienced CX team can help you deliver on the promise of using DevOps operational standards, processes and technology to improve the speed and quality of your CX innovations.