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Platform Translation & Transfer

Full automation and efficiency initiatives for synchronizing, translating, and transferring platform configurations across platforms and environments that can include cloud, premise and hybrid deployments

This service will deliver real optimization to any configuration translation, transfer or synchronization required for roll-out, merge, upgrade or routine business operation. At the completion of the 90-day program, Blackchair will commit to a minimum of 30% improvement in measurable efficiency over the 90-day service period.

The first 30 days is focused on identifying and documenting targeted automation opportunities. The second 30 days is designing work in process and application usage. The final 30 days is for tooling implementation and operational automation testing.

The service brings our Spotlight Automation toolset and multivendor connectors to site, alongside a technical and services architect.

We deliver tooling and expertise to help you group, package, assign and track work within your environment. Collaboratively, we explore best practice opportunities within your change management model for translation, transfer or synchronization activities across your various enterprise cloud, premise and hybrid platforms.