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CX Analysis

Do you understand the effort your customers go through engaging with your business?

CX analysis is crucial to understanding and fixing the flaws in your omnichannel customer journey.

If your customer sent you three different emails and called customer service twice to complete a task, would you know about it?

Customers may be able to engage you on multiple levels, but if the experience is disconnected, discombobulated and defragmented, then it only hurts the customer experience (CX) and your reputation as a service provider.  

To solve this problem, you need to develop a detailed understanding of your unified communications model. You need to understand the friction points in the CX experience and develop a measuring mechanism to gauge your system’ s success rate. Put simply, customer service is a data-driven exercise. 

How can Blackchair take your CX analysis to the next level?

Blackchair provides a detailed data model for CX analysis. Using automation and DevOps, Blackchair can create a sophisticated, detailed data model that measures communications across different channels using relevant KPIs. 

With a little assistance from Blackchair, you can take a single, unified view of communications across different channels. Study the cause and effect of communication channel failure as well as the knock-on effect it has on other channels, resources and service levels.

Your business deserves more. Your customers deserve better. Blackchair will arm you with all the proper data points to start making decisions on how you can take your CX analysis to the next level.