August 26

Major CX providers are doubling down on cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based CX solutions are the new norm for contact centers and will be essential going forward.

Cloud is the future

Cloud communication and workstream collaboration provider Avaya announced the acquisition of contact center software development and system integration firm CTIntegrations.

Under the new deal (which was closed in August 2021), the CTIntegrations Suite will support the customer and agent experience within the Avaya ecosystem.

Verint announced the expansion of the digital-first capabilities of its cloud solution by acquiring Conversocial at $50 million. The acquisition allows Verint to expand its robust support for digital customer engagement with connections on common messaging channels. 

Acquisitions valued at millions of dollars are a clear sign that some of the leading CX solution providers see CX as a cloud-based solution and are looking to build the necessary infrastructure that will allow them to provide this option to their customers.

Contact centers that want to remain competitive should also invest in and expand their cloud offerings.

Why are cloud-based solutions crucial to CX offerings?

When first launched, cloud-based solutions were a “nice-to-have” option for many contact centers but were not considered an integral part of operations.

With the adoption of the work-from-home model, contact centers invested more heavily in cloud infrastructure, leading to mass adoption of cloud-based CX solutions.

CX solutions are an attractive option for many businesses because it is more cost-effective than conventional CX solutions.

Automated CX Management with Blackchair

Blackchair is a cloud-based automated CX management platform that allows you to create an efficient work process by bringing cost-efficiency and DevOps methodology to your platform.  

Use the Blackchair platform to bring efficiency and quality to your CX services.

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