September 14

Here’s a sneak peek into our CX/UC excellence webinar

When I speak to executives who represent contact centres or UC solutions, they tell me about some of the challenges they face with their UC/CX solution. While the words and specifics vary, it all boils down to one core issue: A lack of oversight. It presents problems when engineers need to troubleshoot issues, monitor resource use and optimise their operations to provide a better customer experience. 

Given the challenges most of these contact centres have, we decided to host this webinar to provide useful information on how to optimise operations and troubleshoot issues better using automation and auditing.

What is this webinar about?

On 23rd September 2020, Blackchair will be hosting ‘Is your UC/CX infrastructure achieving the height of innovation? Here is how you can boost outcomes with auditing and automation.’ The focus of the webinar is optimising UC and CX infrastructure using auditing and automation.

Our keynote speaker, Gene Reynolds will explain how your users can improve oversight into their infrastructure using automation and auditing services.  

He will dive into how better oversight and automation paves the way for several benefits that allow users to reap certain advantages, like troubleshooting issues faster, reducing cost of ownership and improving innovation by an order of magnitude. 

What do you gain from this webinar?

With this webinar, you will learn how using solutions like Blackchair, to provide the “oversight” your business can become more efficient and profitable, at a lower cost and resource base. Automation and auditing are instrumental in realising these benefits and sophisticated audits improve operational oversight by improving transparency across the board. 

We will be exploring how other companies have leveraged these sorts of features, and the benefits they have realised, helping you to build your own business case. We will talk about how industry advisors like Gartner and others are advocating these features be present in all UC and CX platforms. And if you’re considering a migration to another solution or even migrating to cloud CCaaS systems, it becomes absolutely essential.

While technology helps significantly, what also needs to be considered is how the technology is incorporated into business processes. Our webinar can demonstrate ways to meaningfully integrate auditing and automation solutions into your UC infrastructure. 

Auditing and automation technology need to be well-integrated into the infrastructure, otherwise, getting the intended outcomes would be next to impossible. 

Learn more about this webinar 

If you wish to learn more about the benefits of auditing and automation and how to incorporate them meaningfully into your infrastructure, then we ask you to please join us. If you are interested, please visit our webinar page to sign up.

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