January 19

What can we expect for CX in 2022?

As the CX industry breaks new ground in technology, it is set to transform CX center operations

In the years preceding the pandemic, CX functions were complex, time-consuming, and restricted to a handful of CX personnel. This denied organizations the opportunity to enrich their processes with more open-ended, collaborative processes.

This could be changing in 2022, as CX centers adopt more flexible, cloud-based technology. 

The world of CX in 2022

During the previous year, CX evolved in its use of technology where cloud-based CX went from a nice-to-have option to an essential component for business

The expansive use of CX software, combined with the introduction of management software, provided visibility into system status and entire workforce availability; allowing CX centers to build virtual environments or hybrid environments that paved the way for a new norm of working. 

As we move into the new year, we can expect CX to evolve into a more open, accessible, and innovative space where professionals with different expertise can contribute to CX, and even complete functions autonomously. 

A more open, cooperative space is a stark contrast to older iterations of CX solutions that had fairly siloed functions and were not very accessible to personnel, apart from CX engineers and managers. 

Certain experts are giving this new trend an acronym—CXE or CX for everyone, revealing that barriers and silos are breaking down, which prompts new ways for businesses to engage with employees and customers. 

A more open CX environment can enrich customer engagement and customer experience capabilities, leading to better experiences for employees. 

We will see far more creative and innovative methods that maximize the value of integrated CX center solutions and facilitate out-of-the-box thinking, which can also benefit customers and employees alike.

The future of CX

CX is moving from a siloed process that was once only available to a handful of professionals to a more inclusive, expansive procedure that is more accessible to non-technical professionals. 

This development will make CX more accessible and help transform how CX solutions are used, leading to innovative and transformative developments.

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