October 18

The key to retaining customers and maximizing CX ROI

Every contact center wants to maximize CX ROI, but isn’t always able to hit the mark. 

This is because the key to maximizing CX ROI is improving customer retention through higher quality CX services. 

To provide a high-quality CX service and maximize ROI, however, contact centers need to obtain a deeper understanding of their customers.

Exploring the connection between customer insight and CX ROI

Understanding what customers want can boost the quality of CX services, which leads to higher ROI.

Better insight into customers allows CX centers to answer several, critical questions to improve their customer service. 

Questions like: does the current omnichannel CX setup match customer needs? Are there any bottlenecks hindering their journey? Finding answers to these questions can help CX centers improve the quality of their service.

With this level of insight, CX centers can optimize their channels by removing bottlenecks and creating more flexibility across their operations that can expand and contract to match call volume.

Improving customer service can, in turn, improve retention rates and reduce the cost of running a CX ecosystem. These are all building blocks to improving ROI.  

To delve deeper into understanding your customers, however, you need to have the right technology in place. This is where a CX management platform becomes essential. 

Deepening customer insights using a CX management platform

The platform can provide real-time insight into how customers interact with the CX ecosystem. With this insight, CX agents can better understand where customers are coming from and what kind of support they might need.

This data can then be leveraged to improve customer service, which leads to better retention rates and higher ROI.

Furthermore, CX centers can use management platforms to optimize their CX ecosystem by automating operations, orchestrating complex functions, and maintaining a consistent configuration—which is crucial for providing agile, efficient CX service.  

Optimize omnichannel CX service with Blackchair 

The Blackchair management platform can automate functions, reduce manual work, and improve operational efficiency to provide agile, cost-efficient customer service and optimize complex multi-vendor CX setups

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