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The importance of visibility in UC cloud

The shift to UC cloud has allowed contact centres to enhance communication with customers while reducing operating costs. However, many contact centres have yet to realise the importance of maintaining visibility in their cloud. We feel that most are not even aware of the concept of visibility and its benefits. Aware or not, contact centres risk denying themselves millions of pounds in potential savings if they are not operating on a fully visible environment. We strongly feel that visibility in a unified communications cloud environment should be a top priority for contact centres and we are going to explain why in the following sections

What do we mean by ‘visiblity’ in the cloud?

Visibility refers to transparency in the cloud network, including insight into applications, infrastructure and their respective dependencies. Administrators can track who is using the cloud, how the cloud is used, the type of data stored, what applications are used and the flow of traffic. How does this work? The key to attaining visibility in the cloud network involves collecting and analysing information taken from the wire data exchanged between traffic flows that span across all cloud servers.

The importance of visibility has risen in recent years as more contact centres shift to the UC cloud. So, why are contact centres slow on the uptake? In our experience, maintaining visibility is one of the biggest challenges for contact centres, especially when most companies use a combination of hybrid, public and private cloud servers.

Why is visibility in the UC cloud important for contact centres?

Better security

Cloud visibility is important for creating a secure environment. According to a survey, over 87% of cloud experts say that lack of visibility hurts security. It goes without saying that contact centres need to pay special attention to secure their cloud systems because they contain data on customers, which cannot be compromised and can lead to devastating consequences if breached.

If there is no cloud visibility, administrators have to assume that employees are using the UC cloud environment according to policy, which is not always the case. However, with cloud visibility, it is possible to monitor use. In other words, if employees are violating the rules or committing fraud, administrators will know about it instantly.

However, if they can’t monitor track traffic flows, administrators do not know what data is going into the cloud environment and what applications are used. Therefore, if employees are using the environment in an unethical way, administrators will not know because the visibility is not there. Furthermore, it’s impossible to create a suitable disaster recovery plan for an emergency, without knowing the data and applications used.

Managing UC Solutions

Some UC cloud solutions are complex and require complete visibility to manage properly. Unified communications come with a wide range of functions ranging from access to contact lists, automatic dialling and media-rich capabilities like video conferencing. These functions allow contact centres to serve customers on multiple channels, it also facilitates communication within a corporation. However, the functions of UC are dependent on bandwidth usage and are severely affected by WAN delay and packet loss. These solutions need to be tightly managed to minimise disruption. However, UC solutions can only be truly managed when there is complete visibility.

How to attain visibility in UC?

Attaining visibility can be challenging but we strongly feel that it should be among a contact centre’s top priorities. We provide a platform that improves great visibility and transparency into your contact centre’s cloud operations and network. Information on the infrastructure is synchronised so you can view all the information from a single viewpoint via the Blackchair dashboard. Conduct a comprehensive cloud audit (with assistance from Blackchair) so you can make it easier to manage multiple software assets from different locations, troubleshoot problems, keep vendor costs under control and improve configuration quality to minimise the occurrence of problems.

When there is complete visibility within a cloud infrastructure, contact centres like yours will have an easier time optimising performance, improving security and properly managing UC cloud solutions, which in turn paves the way for savings and more efficient use of resources. What other reasons make visibility in the cloud important for contact centres?


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