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Blackchair brings a comprehensive set of tools and services that supports a DevOps process, enabling faster and more accurate flow of work from development to operations.

DevOps Automation
  • Release key IT Knowledge Workers who are constrained
  • Hold your requirements as independent business rules in a library for fast re-provisioning
  • Maximize efficiency, stability and capacity in operations
  • Reduce downtime risk with precise control and scheduling of high volumes of changes
  • Reduce work effort to administer your Customer Experience platform
Legacy Method of deploying Innovation
Blackchair Method of deploying Innovation:
Blackchair Method of deploying Innovation:
Blackchair Method of deploying Innovation
Blackchair Method of deploying Innovation:
  • Work Center Release Management with Rollback
  • Real-time life-cycle management that reduces the need for manual changes
  • Vendor agnostic, multi-platform, Cloud or Premise solution offer
Key Features
Key Features
Get to Market Now

When you have the idea first, get it to market first.

Leverage your competitive advantage through speed of innovation and react to market trends faster than your competition through greater agility and adaptability. Increased responsiveness to your customers will lead to an increase in marketshare for your company.

DevOps Performance

Any effective effort to improve operational performance starts by addressing your constrained resources and building a process to optimize them.

The Blackchair suite of services is an enabler to:

  • Slash production defects during constrained activities
  • Reduce unplanned work relating to failed projects and lower opportunity costs
  • Shorten time to market and support constant innovation
  • Reduce Work-In-Progress queue and increase workflow delivery

Recover the intellectual capital of your constrained resources and let Blackchair automate the heavy lifting of change and configuration management. Remove the constraints in the DevOps process that slow down time to market and improve efficiency for business innovation. Help IT improve performance and efficiency through quality and continuous improvement in order to accelerate time-to-value.

Regulatory and Compliance Obligations

Blackchair reduces the preparation and manual effort required by 50-60%, providing continuous policing of change to avoid auditing surprises. Our services eliminate Regulatory non-compliance caused by invisibility to IT changes.

Deliver Consistent and Predictable Value

Whether the business is growing, acquiring, merging or reorganizing, the role that IT plays in executing that vision is now even more critical to achieving the result. Taking friction out and relieving the constrained IT resource pool, should be a priority within business critical objectives. Strategic initiative execution needs to protect margin and drive opportunity for cost reduction in the process of supporting growth. Blackchair’s Service supports the growth model by improving scalability and automation of processes.