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Operational Analysis

In a modern contact center, staffing costs are universally acknowledged as accounting for the majority of operational expenditure

It is essential that staff are always leveraged optimally in order to mitigate these costs. To this end, a contact center organization will invest significant time and money in recruitment, retention, training, and technology to have the most effective staff available. The organization will devote effort to developing a detailed prediction of interaction volumes and formulate a staffing schedule to service this prediction. However, on any day the actual workload in the contact center often differs from the prediction and the unpredictability of staff attendance means the staffing schedule is not completely fulfilled. These factors combine to produce service levels different than those expected.

Building the right business rules into the interaction routing engine will allow it to properly adapt to these changing conditions. This in turn will create the optimum use of all available staff.

Blackchair will equip your entire enterprise CX operation with the tools and knowledge to not only see all these challenges in real time but also enable you to automate the flows more efficiently to maximize your staff’s overall productivity and service levels.