Manufacturers Low-Level Audit and Compliance

The Compliance Auditing Service addresses the critical need for compliance and regulatory audit on Customer Experience, Unified Communications, and Networking technology assets.

The service includes permanent Auditing and Monitoring tooling and specialist quarterly analysis.

The benefits inherently lead to improvements in operational efficiency for our clients, especially in reducing the time and cost around project delivery, remediation of security intrusions, number of support calls, maintaining SLAs, and change freeze periods. 

Whether your business is cloud-based or on-premise, these benefits ultimately have a significant impact on the customer experience being delivered by your organisation.  Additionally, Spotlight can be a complementary and powerful extension of existing NMS investments, becoming an invaluable part of everyday operations and strategy. Blackchair’s vendor agnostic Spotlight platform delivers measurable value that supports our clients’ ability to execute innovation with increased velocity and consistent quality.


·       Audit Change Analysis

·       Evaluate regulatory requirements and internal standards

·       Set Audit and Compliance Service goals/data model

·       Review type and frequency of changes and make efficiency improvements

·       Advise on Change Window Management efficiencies and support

·       Fraud Prevention Analysis

·       Security and Permission Analysis

·       Change Control Process Analysis

·       Change Capacity trends and prediction models

·       Yearly and Quarterly dynamics

·       Upgrade planning and observations

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