Dev-Ops Automation

The service is a 30/60/90-day programme to support automation and efficiency initiatives within the Dev Operations.

The first 30 days identifies and documents automation opportunities, the following 30 days is the design work in process and application usage. The last 30 days is tooling implementation and operational automation testing.

This service will deliver real optimisation to any roll-out, merge, upgrade and business as usual operation. At the end of the 90-day programme, you can either take just the tooling or maintain or expand the service definition. We commit to 30% improvement in measurable goals using the service within the 90 days, or all tooling costs will be refunded.

The service brings our Spotlight Automation toolset and multivendor connectors to site, alongside a technical and services architect.

We deliver tooling and expertise to help you group, package, assign and track work within your environment. Collaboratively, we explore best practice opportunities within your change management documentation. This includes:

                • BAU changes outside of change control, Agents, Skills and Extensions.
                • Standards and constraints e.g. regulatory, company, ISO, ITIL, PCI
                • Operating environments e.g. development, test, UAT, production

Organisational Structure Opportunities:

                • Development
                • Testing
                • Implementation
                • Support & Bespoke Training
                • Change Management
                • Relationships between end users, partners, suppliers, Dev-Ops
                • Separation of duties

Automation Opportunities:

                • Development
                • Testing
                • Implementation


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