January 6

Building next-gen contact centers with impactful CX innovations in the new year


Now more than ever, customers prioritize exceptional experiences with brands and hold companies to the highest standards when it comes to delivering engaging CX. 

The technologies of today allow customers to enjoy instant, convenient, and personalized services that are delivered seamlessly over a wide range of channels. Hence, clients will not accept anything but the best from the companies and brands they associate with.

According to a recent survey by PWC, 73% of respondents say that CX is the main factor behind their purchasing decisions, while the same survey reveals that around 59% of the respondents would walk away from brands or companies if any negative experiences they faced are repeated.

With such great emphasis placed on delivering superior CX, organizations need to be willing to embrace CX innovations and be ready to invest in the latest and most advanced technologies that enhance CX excellence—to maintain, elevate, or preserve the loyalty of their customer base.

Here are some steps that can be taken into account for organizations seeking guidance on enhancing customer satisfaction by investigating the tools and strategies that are right for them.

Assess the merits of each innovation and their strategic fit to the organizational requirements

Some innovations have a great track record for transforming the impactfulness of CX efforts of organizations and can be considered based on how they align with your CX requirements.

A couple of CX innovations with broad applicability are as follows:

  • Cloud-based CX technologies

A solution that greatly enables organizations to enhance connectivity and collaboration in work environments that are fragmented and spread out over many locations (including the homes of agents working remotely). 

Cloud-based technologies offer a vastly improved alternative to legacy CX systems that are in place within most organizations.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is becoming more popular within new CX solutions, research by MIT technology and Genesys reveals that 90% of companies surveyed use AI to enhance CX along the customer journey.

For CX, AI can streamline the path to solve critical client issues. Organizations are also increasingly relying on AI to replace IVR processes, boosting the chances that clients will reach the correct agent they need for a specific issue, on the very first time.

Start with an assessment to fully understand the requirements

Determining the exact CX innovations that fit the operations and requirements of your organization is not a task to be taken lightly, it requires an expert assessment and evaluation following a tried and tested data-driven approach.

This is an important step in clearly defining the requirements, criteria, and goals to be achieved from upgrading the current CX capabilities of your organization. The forensics generated through this assessment will give valuable insights into which areas need to be focused on and what actions need to be taken.

With the requirements and goals determined, organizations can consider which solutions are an ideal fit to meet their requirements and achieve the goals laid out. So take your first step towards building next-gen contact centers in your organization.


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