Release Management

Dev-Ops Automation

Release Management is an agile product suite that provides end-to-end oversight of the process of change management and whole systems configuration in real-time.

This comprehensive capability to understand and organise change control processes into a historical library that can be activated, allows our clients to package and publish change across the entirety of enterprise environments through automated delivery, regardless of scale and complexity.

  • Make it easier and safer not to type directly into Production Systems
  • Automate and Standardise Operations
  • Template Standards and Package up Change 
  • Speed, get 3 weeks of change done in the first 5 mins of the change window
  • High-Quality Change in Rigorous Release Auditing
  • Clean, fast rollback of an entire release
  • Synchronise environments, ensure dev and prod are the same before starting new projects
  • DR Planning, Automate DR changes, quickly, efficiently and effectively, with immediate roll back once the emergency has passed.

Execute project rollouts in a fraction of the time. Have full control over the backout process without resorting to system backups. Keep a comprehensive log of events and mitigate the risk to the business. 

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill



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