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Is a strategic purchase to support any enterprise or service provider that manages complex systems to deliver mission critical business services. The toolset is focused on six core functional support offerings:

Audit & Compliancy

Auditing, tracking change, instant alerting and ensuring compliance and security is the backbone of Spotlight, our configuration management and optimisation solution.

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Configuration Management

Synchronising configurations, rolling back erroneous changes, and a view of your multiple platforms is the power behind Spotlight’s Configuration Management solution.

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Release Management

Execute project rollouts in a fraction of the time. Have full control over the backout process without resorting to system backups. Keep a comprehensive log of events and mitigate the risk to the business.

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Inventory Management

Where, What, and Why are key questions surrounding any inventory management solution. That in addition to a maintenance plan against each item, replacement price and usage is also vital.

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Operations Efficiency

Without effective change activity monitoring, your business is probably leaking productivity and costs.

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Platform Utilisation

Watching and monitoring change behaviour is only half the story. How do your changes effect your performance?

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