December 24

Operating systems evolve to deliver CX innovations as an integrated solution

The next generation of operating systems are increasingly prioritizing better functionality and higher levels of integration with contact center operations; this is paving the way for numerous CX innovations.

In the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, contact centers had to adopt remote working arrangements. This was a paramount shift in comparison to the traditional operating model of contact centers and there was an urgent need for technology solutions to bridge the gap between the traditional operating mode and the new normal.

Transformative operating systems have answered the call by integrating solutions for remotely operated contact centers, which has paved the way for significant CX innovations being integrated.  

The following CX innovations stand out among the numerous advances operating systems have contributed towards significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center operations withIn the last couple of years.

Native functionality for IVR inputs

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows incoming callers to access information using a system of pre-recorded messages, allowing them to hail services without the assistance of a contact center agent.

This technology streamlines contact center solutions by utilizing speech recognition and touch tone keyboard selections as inputs to have calls routed to the specific contact point or department.

Operating systems are gradually offering native functionality for IVR inputs, usually through an API. This allows contact centers to partially automate their operation and allows the system to take part of the workload off contact center agents.

Integrations for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Operating systems are moving towards enabling contact centers to benefit from advanced analytics that is made possible through the data collected from each interaction with the contact center.

This paves the way for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to combine in analyzing large amounts of data that yield vital insights that can help contact center agents serve the customers better

Trends and patterns in customer interactions with the contact center can be analyzed through AI, allowing contact center agents to customize their responses to individual customers. 

Whereas, ML can also be used to predict customer behavior and provide recommendations to agents on the best course of action. With operating systems playing a central role that brings together all these functionalities, contact agents tend to have a lot more power in their hands to deliver CX excellence.

Connected workspaces utilizing cloud technologies

Connected workspaces are also enabled through operating systems that are using cloud-based technologies that enable contact centers to be operated via remote access to contact center agents.

This allows contact centers operations to be more scalable and flexible, enabling CX providers to grant access to contact center agents as needed, whether they are based on-site or working remotely, without the need for expensive software or hardware solutions. 

Cloud-based systems also allow contact centers agents to access real-time data and analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions and improve operations, while collaborating through shared workspaces enabled through c;oud based operating systems.

Operating systems are spearheading CX innovations

The next generation of operating systems is sure to bring forth a greater integration of contact center functionality and CX innovations to look out for. This affords greater flexibility for contact center operations to adapt to a variety of working arrangements.

Innovations in operating systems have significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center operations. These innovations include the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud-based systems, as well as chatbots and virtual assistants. 
As technology continues to evolve, it is likely that we will see even more innovations in operating systems for contact centers in the future- migration automation is one avenue that can be considered for a seamless transition between operating systems.

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