July 7

Now is the time to migrate to a CCaaS platform

In a 2023 forecast study of 1700 businesses worldwide, it was revealed that over 32% of businesses are using Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), with another 42% using a hybrid of either on-premise or cloud-based solutions, and another 21% using custom-built platforms hosted and managed by third parties.

This is significant because, while generative AI might be the dominant discussion in 2023, contact center platforms remain a critical component of CX. The industry is undergoing a transition not just from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, but also from dedicated to multi-tenant platforms or dedicated hosts.

Why is now the best time to migrate to a CCaaS platform 

The study also revealed that companies evaluate CCaaS providers based on several factors, such as cost savings compared to their current platform. However, we are also learning that pricing models for the adoption of CCaaS are evolving to make them more cost-effective and affordable for users.

While one-time payment contracts with annual maintenance contracts are still the norm, new pricing models are emerging that will make the platform more appealing to businesses still on the fence about using CCaaS. For example, there is a subscription model with flexible purchasing systems and perpetual licenses, which would make expenses such as platform maintenance more affordable. Considering that maintenance and support costs are typically 15-20% of the original purchase price, paid annually, having a more flexible means of paying for the CCaaS platform can help improve its prospects.

Furthermore, there are plenty of CCaaS providers looking to expand their customer base. With several customers looking to expand their customer base, this could benefit potential buyers because providers will be offering competitive deals in a bid to gain new customers. As such, we can expect many providers to offer tempting deals such as discounts on migration or lower costs on support and migration.

Conduct a seamless migration with Blackchair 

In 2022, companies worldwide spent over $5.6 billion on CCaaS solutions, and this is set to grow to $9.7 billion by 2027. Given the growing prominence of CCaaS, it is clear that cloud-based solutions can become an integral part of CX operations and functions in the future. This is because CCaaS offers several features that can benefit organizations, such as lower operating costs and a more optimized workflow.

Organizations looking to migrate to the new CCaaS platform should also consider investing in support platforms that can help facilitate migration to the new platform while aiding optimization and management. This is where Blackchair can help. Our CX management platform can help organizations make a rapid, effortless transition from legacy to CCaaS platforms.

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