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How integrating internal UC solutions into CCaaS operations leads to next-level CX delivery?

CX and UC are generally seen as two sides of the same coin; while CCaaS operations focus on delivering engagements to customers through interactions that go beyond just communications, UC solutions enable greater levels of collaboration by optimizing both internal and external communication.

Together, UC and CCaaS are two technologies that have revolutionized the way businesses communicate—not just with customers but also internally among agents and teams.

UC solutions gained popularity for their ability to provide a single platform for communication that encompasses a variety of modes and channels of communication, gaining even greater popularity as a cornerstone of remote working with the onset of the pandemic.

Whereas CCaaS operations have long been recognized as the ultimate iteration of the contact center and as the platform that enables organizations to leverage effective tools and functionalities to reach the pinnacle of CX delivery through the optimal management of customer interactions.

With both technologies having strong merits and excelling in their roles, merging UC tools into greater CCaaS operations for achieving CX excellence and supreme CX delivery has been a trend that has been rapidly adopted around the world.

How does the convergence of UC and CCaaS uplift CX delivery?

Embedding UC solutions and UCaaS platforms into CCaaS operations opens up the following key avenues that businesses are leveraging to seamlessly uplift CX delivery to the next level while profoundly boosting productivity, returns, and results.

Enhanced collaboration and communication

Through the integration of UC tools into CCaaS operations, organizations can build a unified and centralized platform that provides an all-in-one environment for communication and tighter collaboration by connecting front-line agents, internal teams of employees/subject experts, and customers seamlessly.

This integration allows for real-time communication via instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and many other modes/channels enabling faster and more efficient collaboration between all parties involved.

Improved speed and quality of internal communications generally translate into more engaging CX with greater engagement, for seamless interactions that offer better customer service and promote customer satisfaction and enhanced loyalty with each interaction.

Improved agent productivity and resource allocation

Through this merger of technologies, employees can access all the necessary communication tools and customer information from a single interface. This streamlines workflows and reduces the need to switch between different applications to save time.

Moreover, streamlined workflows with fewer tools and applications to manage lead to fewer obstacles to agent productivity and empower agents to function more efficiently with seamless access to all information pertaining to interactions without being hindered by data silos or having to switch through different applications to find the information they need.

As part of this platform, CX automation can also be leveraged to handle repetitive tasks so that agents can focus more on delivering personalized and efficient CX, leading to increased productivity and better engagement.

Optimized decision-making backed by vital data-driven insights

CCaaS operations generate vast amounts of data related to customer interactions, agent performance, team productivity, customer satisfaction, and more in one central platform. Therefore, businesses can leverage this data to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points through the integration of UCaaS and CCaaS.

Providing increased visibility into both the workforce and CX aspects, these insights can inform strategic decision-making, enable targeted campaigns for growth, and drive continuous improvement in CX delivery.

Why automated configuration and CX management solutions are vital for unleashing the maximum potential of this convergence?

Seamlessly integrate UCaaS or UC tools into your CCaaS operation without compromising the synergy and synchronization of your contact center. Discover how automated configuration management can reliably optimize CX delivery while maintaining the peak efficiency of the overall CX environment.

Leverage automated rollback to reverse unaligned changes, gain visibility into the entire contact center operation, and unleash the full potential of CCaaS through operations that are modernized and perfectly aligned toward CX excellence.

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