Welcome to the Blackchair Introductory Course!

We have created a series of videos to teach you the The Blackchair Dashboard Management System. Our introductory session consists of over 13 videos, which will cover all the essential functions necessary to use the system.

Our course will also cover several functions necessary for day-to-day management including:

  • Altering administrator settings
  • Navigating between environments
  • Changing existing access settings
  • Creating custom searches to find specific items
  • Adding new users to the system
  • Licencing user-defined groups
  • Running reports on Genesys license usage
  • Adding attachments to a file to build knowledge
  • Watching item configurations
  • Generating email layouts
  • Performing advanced searches across different environments and version items.

By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of platform and its various systems. You will be able to use the system to execute different operations, like report generation and systems monitoring to streamline systems management.

Good luck with the course!