Is lift-and-shift the best cloud migration strategy for your CX operation?

Considering cloud migration for your CX operation? You’ve probably come across the lift-and-shift approach. But is it the best way to go? Let’s explore.

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Is lift-and-shift the best cloud migration strategy for your CX operation?

Considering cloud migration for your CX operation? You’ve probably come across the lift-and-shift approach. But is it the best way to go? Let’s explore.

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According to the Zendesk CX Trends Report 2023, 74% of agents say that giving them access to more tools and data will allow them to personalize customer interactions much more effectively—improving CX delivery as a whole.

This is one of the many reasons why you may be considering CCaaS migration. Cloud contact centers are one of the most powerful offerings in the CX landscape right now, offering near-endless options and opportunities for you to improve customer experiences.

In the process of looking into the best cloud migration strategy, you would almost assuredly come across lift-and-shift migration, also known as rehosting. While this can be a more affordable option for migration, it also involves simply moving your legacy systems into a cloud infrastructure. Is it the best you could do for your future CX operations?

Let’s dive in.

What’s the best cloud migration strategy for your CX operation?

While lift-and-shift is a popular cloud migration strategy, there may be better options for your CX operation. Here’s why:

You will also be transferring inefficiencies

Lift-and-shift migration involves moving your existing systems to the cloud as they are, including any inefficiencies that may exist in your legacy CX systems. This means that any issues or bottlenecks present in your current system will simply be transferred to the cloud.

You won’t be making any changes to the architecture

No notable changes will be made to application architecture, data flow, or authentication mechanisms in lift-and-shift. This can limit the potential benefits of moving to the cloud, as you’re not taking advantage of the opportunity to optimize them for the cloud environment.

You will likely experience poor security issues

Lift-and-shift can lead to poor security, despite moving into a more secure environment. Since the architecture and mechanisms aren’t redesigned for the cloud, vulnerabilities that weren’t present in the on-premises environment can occur—exposing your CX operations to security risks.

You will have to incur long-term costs

Running inefficient systems in the cloud is going to cost you much more than the amount you’re saving with a lift-and-shift approach. Not to mention, you might also face costs associated with addressing security issues or other problems that arise due to the lack of optimization.

You won’t be able to leverage full cloud capabilities

Cloud contact center platforms offer a range of features and services that can enhance your CX operations, but a lift-and-shift approach may not be able to fully utilize these due to the limitations of the migrated systems. This defeats the purpose of migration in the first place.

The lesson? Lift-and-shift might not be the best solution for CX migration. There are many other options for migration, like repackaging and re-platforming. In these situations, automation solutions can be of help—helping you accelerate the migration process without compromising on the key areas mentioned above.

Optimize your CCaaS migration strategy with automation

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What are the 5 cloud migration strategies?

The five common cloud migration strategies are Rehost (Lift-and-shift), Refactor (Repackage), Revise (Replatform), Rebuild, and Replace (Retire).

How does automated discovery accelerate CX migration?

Automated discovery accelerates CX migration by identifying valuable configurations, eliminating redundant configurations, and identifying operational changes and habits. This leads to a more efficient and effective migration process.

How can I choose the best CX migration strategy?

Choosing the best CX migration strategy depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Factors to consider include your current infrastructure, the nature of your data, security requirements, cost, and the desired speed of migration.

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