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The Leader in CX/UX Automation

Our platform manages, migrates and monitors CX & UX eco-systems regardless vendor, premise or cloud

Who we are?

Founded in 2005 by Jason Owen and Nick Timmins, ​Blackchair has been providing DevOps CX Automation solutions since 2005 and has proven success globally amongst its 100+ Fortune 2000 clients. We offer a complete subscription solution that includes DevOps software, process and expert services. We seamlessly integrate with all major CX, UC, development/automation frameworks, premise and cloud platforms.

What we do?

Our platform enable customers to confidently accelerate innovation and increase quality at lower cost, independent of vendor choice. Our cover is broad, across Cloud, Premise and Hybrid solutions.

The Recognized Leader in CX/UC DevOps Automation since 2005

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We provide solutions to accelerate your business

Our highly specialized and experienced CX team can help you deliver on the promise of using DevOps operational standards, processes and technology to improve the speed and quality of your CX innovations.