Is CX cloud migration consulting necessary for your business?

If you are considering migrating your CX processes into a CCaaS environment, you may have considered the services of a migration consultant. Is it necessary? Let’s explore.

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Is CX cloud migration consulting necessary for your business?

If you are considering migrating your CX processes into a CCaaS environment, you may have considered the services of a migration consultant. Is it necessary? Let’s explore.

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CCaaS migration is a strategic move businesses are increasingly employing to leverage the increased functionality the cloud provides.

However, did you know a staggering 70% of cloud migrations fail?

While the cloud certainly has its benefits like flexibility, cost-efficiency, and advanced features facilitating scalability, it seems the migration process needs to be conducted properly.

One of the major reasons for migration failure, at least when it comes to CCaaS, is the integration of legacy systems. Making sure that these systems are integrated seamlessly into your CCaaS environment properly and that the configurations and data are transferred between systems is vital for a successful migration. Choosing the right tools for migration is also a key challenge that needs to be addressed.

It’s at this point that you might be drawn to consider CX cloud migration consulting. Let’s take a look at what cloud migration consultants provide and your options for a successful migration.

Do you need CX cloud migration consulting services?

Cloud migration consulting enables businesses to gain expert guidance to navigate the migration process. They offer strategic planning and best practices implementation to streamline the migration, however, they also come with a hefty price tag.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of making use of cloud migration consulting services:



Consultants bring a deep understanding of cloud migration and CCaaS implementation to support the transition.

Reduced risk

Consultants are knowledgeable, and their guidance can help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smoother migration.

Faster time to value

Their experience can accelerate your migration and get you up and running on your new CCaaS platform sooner.



Consultant fees can be a significant expense, especially for smaller companies. The average cost is $100-$149 per hour.

Vendor bias

Some consultants may have partnerships with specific CCaaS providers, potentially influencing their recommendations.


While consultants offer valuable guidance, relying solely on them can stifle your understanding of the CCaaS environment.

As with anything in this day and age, automation brings an alternative. While it may not entirely eliminate the role of a consultant, if your objective is to ease the process of migration, some tools can significantly contribute to this goal.

These tools can automate tasks like data mapping and configuration—addressing some of the key challenges associated with legacy systems and tool selection.

Ultimately, the decision to utilize CX migration consulting depends on your specific needs and budget. By carefully considering the pros and cons, and exploring alternative solutions like automation tools, you can make an informed decision towards successful CCaaS migration.

Leverage automation to streamline your CX migration effort

Blackchair’s Clarity Automated Discovery Service provides a complete forensic audit of your legacy CX configuration, uncovering reusable configuration, disposable configuration, current operating/change habits, automated translation and injection into the destination platform, and formatted migration profile—all of which can aid migration to the new platform.

With Clarity, we have facilitated a 25% acceleration in CX migration and an 80% reduction in discovery efforts for users. Get in touch with us for a free demo today.

Identify valuable configurations, eliminate redundant configurations, and identify operational change and habits to drive CX transformation requirements with Blackchair’s Clarity Automated Discovery Service.


What does a cloud migration consultant do?

Cloud migration consultants help with planning, execution, and optimization, ensuring a smooth transition between on-premise environments and cloud-based environments. They also help maintain compliance.

Is hiring a cloud migration consultant worth it for CX migration?

It depends. If your CX infrastructure is highly complex and you lack the internal IT expertise to ensure a smooth migration, consultants can help you streamline the migration process. However, you can also leverage automation tools like Clarity to significantly accelerate the discovery process and ensure a successful migration, it could offer more ROI depending on your situation.

What are the 5 cloud migration strategies?

The five common cloud migration strategies are Rehost (Lift-and-shift), Refactor (Repackage), Revise (Replatform), Rebuild, and Replace (Retire).

automated call distribution

Make use of an automated forensic audit of your legacy configuration to streamline CCaaS migration

Discover hidden insights in your legacy contact center systems. Reduce discovery time, mitigate risks, and accelerate CX transformation—partner with Blackchair for seamless CCaaS migration.