June 13

The two most common pitfalls of CCaaS migration that organizations need to watch out for

Cloud technology serves to be a cornerstone that supports the future of business applications and like many operations that have transitioned to the cloud, the migration of contact center operations to CCaaS is of prime importance for elevating customer satisfaction and engagement while stepping into the modern CX environment.

CCaaS allows businesses to deliver interactions through various channels and offers many benefits, such as lower costs, greater flexibility, faster adoption of innovation and improved contact center efficiency.

Hence, many organizations strive to embark on their contact center migration journeys in haste—however, it is an endeavor that is rife with challenges and pitfalls when not coordinated and planned comprehensively.

Read on and explore the two main pitfalls that are encountered in migrating to CCaaS operations and discover what you need to watch out for when planning a smooth and seamless migration for your contact center.

Failure to execute proper discovery and documentation of the current CX environment

An air-tight plan detailing every step of the migration is of vital importance in ensuring that organizations can leverage the full range of benefits available to them through a cloud-based solution.

Proper planning will also guide companies reliably to achieve their goals, making sure that they can avoid costly mistakes while always meeting project deadlines. Therefore, businesses need to invest in the right discovery and documentation process to better understand the scope of the migration project upon initiation.

The emphasis on correct planning and preparation is often overlooked by organizations in their rush to rapidly adopt CCaaS solutions and overcome current challenges, due to this oversight companies are expected to waste up to US$ 100 Billion on ineffective cloud-migration projects by 2024 according to a study by McKinsey.

The most proven solution that offers extreme speed and extensive reliability in this regard is provided by automated discovery services, allowing organizations to examine and clearly map out the CX currently delivered by their contact centers and enabling them to clearly determine which channels, configurations and customer journeys need to be improved, preserved or removed before starting the migration to CCaaS.

Only through accurate discovery, insightful CX forensics and comprehensive documentation of the current CX landscape can development teams and business leaders craft the ideal experience by setting clear CCaaS migration goals and by determining how it should perform as well as how it can meet the overarching objectives of the business.

Missing out on identifying or considering new points of integration in CCaaS solutions

The modern CCaaS solutions comprise a whole host of connected tools and systems. Organizations are tasked with integrating a multitude of tools they use such as their CRM tools and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems within one unified CX environment.

However, most organizations fail to comprehend that each integration results in its own set of new challenges that need to be addressed. Hence, businesses bear the responsibility of ensuring that connected databases and tools maintain the security of all data from the end of one customer journey to the next, in addition to making sure that all parts of the platform work well together.

Organizations need to also have sound strategies in place to constantly monitor and track any issues that may arise in order to reduce system downtime and mitigate the risk of any damage to the reputation of the business from unaddressed risks.

Based on the nature of the CCaaS solution, it may even be advisable to utilize a proven automated configuration and DevOps management service which can help organizations streamline and synchronize their CX environment by bridging the gaps between their multiple systems, ensuring better synergy in CX delivery

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