Dealing with the challenges of agents working from home?

Are you struggling with your current WFH arrangement? We understand that COVID-19 has forced you to make sweeping changes to your CX infrastructure so that employees can work at home.

While these changes were necessary, it has opened you up to new problems that hurt system performance. We understand your dilemma and want to help you resolve these issues ASAP.

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Contact center challenges resulting from the shift to WFH

We understand that the quick shift to #WFH has led to several issues in security, compliance, visibility and cloud migration, which, in turn, has created a host of problems in CX ops and services.

Poor quality, low uptime and unavailable support for over twenty-four hours, longer hold times, higher transfer rates and lower FCR rates are just some of the problems you are dealing with.

We can help you fix your issues and future-proof your CX infrastructure with our Compliance Auditing Service.

Reinforce critical CX/UC functions with Blackchair compliance auditing

Use our Blackchair compliance auditing solution to expose the problems undermining CX performance and resolve your issues using our library of automated solutions.

Diagnose CX issues

Use our system to track and detect any security issues hurting service quality.

Track and rollback changes

Know who is making changes and undo them to prevent unnecessary escalation of problems.

Reduce the burden on staff

Reduce errors and the burden on your #WFH staff by automating most functions.

Faster response anomalies

Get instant alerts to critical changes so you can respond faster to anomalies.

Monitor usage across all platforms

Maintain transparency across CX platforms to instantly know who makes changes.

Reduce MTTR

Ensure customers have access to service at all times by reducing MTTR.

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