May 12

CCaaS platform expands its existing partnership with Microsoft

A prominent CX platform provider has decided to build on its existing partnership with Microsoft by pairing its CX omnichannel solution with Microsoft Azure. 

Through Azure, CCaaS users will now have access to the power of Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure, which will optimize operations in the cloud. 

This allows the CCaaS users to enjoy maximum flexibility when deploying to a hybrid, public, or private cloud environment. 

Moreover, the clients of the platform provider will now have access to the power of Microsoft’s contact center AI technology, giving customers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to CX operations. 

What does the partnership mean for the CX platform provider?

Several experts have spoken about the agreement stating that a strategic partnership with Microsoft was an important milestone in the platform provider’s continued transformation to a cloud business model. 

Research experts have stated the addition provides customers with the agility needed to improve communications and collaboration within private, public, and hybrid cloud delivery approaches when using contact center software while offering the broadest range of options to fit an organisation’s needs. 

Microsoft, with its vast global architecture, helps partners deploy their omnichannel CX solutions in any cloud environment with their choice of speed, agility and competitiveness, which makes it easier for users of the omnichannel platform to accelerate their transformation to the cloud. 

Furthermore, the CX platform provider has an opportunity to expand their go-to-market research, accelerating growth and innovation. 

Moreover, the provider plans to integrate its solution with Microsoft Teams integration, expanding the platform’s capabilities by allowing customers to easily leverage the expertise and knowledge of the entire organisation when they need to. 

What does this say about the status of the CX industry?

With more organizations looking to leverage the power of the cloud, they are looking for CCaaS platforms that can make cloud-based operations efficient and seamless to execute. 

This need from current and potential clients is prompting CCaaS providers to strike partnerships with prominent tech companies such as Microsoft to take advantage of the firm’s cloud processing power with the intent to make their platform a better experience for current users and a tempting proposition for potential users.

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