The Blackchair KnowledgeCast is a change management, solution-based podcast series.

The series will analyse and present real, anonymised use cases from our joint ventures in numerous sectors, including:

    • Telecoms & Managed Services
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing
    • Technology
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Financial Services

Designed to deliver condensed, informative content; the series - hosted by a range of Blackchair personnel - aims to be a thought-provoking spark for all things change management. 

KnowledgeCast #1 - Dev-Ops Automation: The Risk of Manual Changes

Prior to the implementation of Spotlight's Audit and Release Management, one of the world's largest technology companies conducted all of their production changes manually. This high-risk, arduous process cost time and money.

Our Customer Success Manager, Mark Cooper, talks rollback windows, the importance of targeting unique values and the ability to modify and extract changes prior to configuration. 

KnowledgeCast #2 - Dev-Ops Automation: Multi-Environment Project Development

The installation of Spotlight's Audit and Release Management gave both production and non-production teams the ability to attribute varied interaction flows and assign specific settings across environments, with the ability to revert the environment to an original state.   

Our Customer Success Manager, Mark Cooper, talks interaction flows, project development and the avoidance of unexpected bugs.

KnowledgeCast #3 - Dev-Ops Automation: "Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen"

Spotlight's Audit and Release Management has provided this application team with the flexibility to make changes and to do discovery in a development environment. Simultaneously, allowing core environment teams to ensure platform stability and slash overall downtime.

Our Customer Success Manager, Mark Cooper, talks cost-effective development, troubleshooting and how to attain visibility into both test and production environments with no issue. 

KnowledgeCast #4 - Dev-Ops Automation: Selective Rollback

Once again, Spotlight's Audit and Release Management has allowed this global technology enterprise to tackle another time-consuming issue. By enabling the ability to perform a selective rollback, this team can now provide procise details of changes and produce accurate activity logs in within a small change window.

Our Customer Success Manager, Mark Cooper, talks selective rollback, application changes and the troubleshooting process.

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