August 18

A new way to measure the quality of CX

According to an NTT survey, over 96% of organizations agree that CX is directly affects their net profit. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in new methods that can better measure the quality of CX to ensure that organizations are delivering high-quality CX consistently. 

Recognizing the importance of CX quality and its connection to profits, a prominent CCaaS developer has created and released a new methodology to help organizations better measure customer sentiment. Called the Experience Index, this new technology is designed to go beyond only measuring customer sentiment. 

What is the Experience Index?

The Experience Index was developed to give an understanding of the overall customer’s journey, both good and bad, which would be different from other metrics that measure a specific unit. 

It provides organizations with a more comprehensive understanding of the quality of CX journeys and is based on people-centred research, where hundreds of CX professionals were interviewed on the essential elements of employee and customer journeys. The index also includes annual benchmarks—developed by 23,000 CX employees—and actionable insights that can reveal how to improve customer experience.

This allows organizations to course correct faster in regards to CX journeys, making it easier to optimize the overall experience to make it faster and more efficient. 

What are the implications of this new metric?

The development of the Experience Index has interesting implications, as it expands what organizations can do with CX research and development. They can develop a a deeper understanding of their omnichannel CX approach to see how the user actually feels. The Index can also reveal a human element to CX journeys, which would be an excellent addition to quantitative data. 

At present, the Experience Index is being tested by measuring the employee experience before it is rolled out to measure the customer experience. And it remains to be seen, how organizations will leverage it to improve their processes.

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